Let’s create together a world based on true values

At this time of slowing down let’s reflect on what we share on social media because a shared idea becomes stronger.
So let’s not share fear.

Let’s rather share true values such as compassion, forgiveness, joy, solidarity, sharing, exchanging, listening, respect, constructive solutions …
Let’s create together a world based on true values where each of us will thrive and where peace will reign.
Let’s extend our natural ability of caring for and protecting  not only our loved ones, but also our planet and ALL living beings to create a better place to live.

A powerful love

We need to stand up using and showing our capacity to love.
That means that sometimes love says NO
NO to everything that kills life including pesticides
NO to injustice including economical systems enriching only their shareholders
NO to intolerance including other people’s way of living
NO to violence

And YES to creating possibilities for ALL of us to thrive
YES to healthy systems taking care of all life for the long term
YES to respecting our Planet and our differences as human beings
YES to peace building
And taking action accordingly.


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Travaillons ensemble. Il s’agit de votre monde, de vous, de vos enfants, de vos proches et de vos petits-enfants.

Ensemble nous sommes plus forts.
Ensemble nous avons une force énorme.

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